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About your appointment

How to make an appointment:
Please call: (02) 9519-5922 to make an appointment. We prefer to make appointments by phone rather than by email.

Public Transport: For information regarding public transport call the NSW Transport Info line on: 131500 or go to the website

Newtown Station is about a 15 minute walk from the Heart Rhythm Centre.

Bus number 412 from Central Station and Railway Square passes nearby to the Heart Rhythm Centre.

A taxi rank is located outside nearby Royal Prince Alfred Hospital on Missenden Road. A free telephone with a direct link to a taxi service is located in the lobby of the RPAH Medical Centre on the ground floor.

Meter parking is available in the streets around the RPAH Medical Centre. Paid parking is available under the Medical Centre – the entrance is in Elizabeth Street at the side of the Medical Centre. Elizabeth Street can be entered from Carillon Avenue or from Missenden Road via Aylesbury Street. To book a parking spot under the building at $30 for 3+ hours log on to:, enter Royal Prince Alfred Medical in the “Search” box, then press Enter. Click on “View Details” and go to “Book Now”. When entering the car park make certain you enter your PIN number on the Touch Pad at the boom gate. DO NOT TAKE A TICKET!

How long does it take?:
New appointments usually take about 1 hour and follow-up appointments about 20 minutes. We recommend that you call ahead to see if your doctor is running on time.

What to bring to your appointment:
To get the most out of your consultation you should bring the following:

1. A current referral from your doctor – it’s not essential to bring a referral but if you don’t Medicare will not reimburse any of the fees which you will need to pay yourself. A referral also helps our doctors get more quickly to the “heart” of the problem by providing us with information about your condition.

2. A list of your medications and doses – if you’re not sure about the names or doses bring the medications with you.

3. Many of the patients visiting the Heart Rhythm Centre are coming for a second or even third opinion about their condition. In order to give you our best opinion we need to see the results of previous tests and letters from other cardiologists you might have seen. We recommend calling your referring doctor and obtaining copies of this information and bringing it with you on the day. If you don’t do this we will need to contact your previous doctors – this takes time which would be better spent assessing your health problem.

What you’ll be charged:
The Heart Rhythm Centre is not a bulk-billing practice. You will need to settle your account on the day so please bring a credit card, cash or cheque with you . Each of our doctors has different fees so please discuss the fees when you call to make the appointment.

If you are in genuine financial difficulty, our doctors will consider bulk-billing on a case by case basis.